"AN EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE! 100 times better than any bedtime story." 
–The New York Times

"AN AWESOME FIRST BROADWAY MUSICAL FOR KIDS! A bright, tuneful, neatly packaged expansion of the book." 
–The Record

"A GENIUS OF A SHOW! A TOTAL DELIGHT FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS. For a family on a holiday-season outing, it's the right ticket." 
–Gannett Papers

"THE GRINCH'S TRIUMPH IS DEFINITELY BROADWAY'S GAIN. The spectacle warms the hearts of everybody."
–The Journal News

"THE MOST LOVEABLE CHRISTMAS VILLAIN OF THEM ALL! This Grinch brings the Dr. Seuss classic fancifully to life - you might find your heart growing a few sizes, too." 
–Associated Press

"In heart, soul and pure entertainment, THE GRINCH HAS WICKED AND YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN BEAT!"
–Talkin' Broadway

"Infused with the spirit of Seuss – IT'S A NEW CHRISTMAS TRADITION"
–The Philadelphia Inquirer

“THE GRINCH WILL BLOW YOU AWAY! This is awesome. Make sure you see it”
-KOST 103.5 FM

“BRILLIANT! A Grinch for the ages at the Pantages.”
-The Hollywood Reporter

“SHEER DELIGHT! Who can resist sentimentality at Christmastime? Shedding a tear or two is what brings out the humanity in all of us.”